Site & Master Planning

Need a quick yield plan to figure out how many lots you can put on a piece of property?  We got you covered.  Just how many square feet of commercial, office or retail can you fit on that outparcel?  No problem.  How many townhome units or multifamily buildings can I fit on site?  We can help with that too.  Most of the time the process can start with just a phone call and a TMS number.  Just leave the rest to us.  

Our first step of any Site Plan or Master Planning effort is to compile all available site data for the property including but not limited to, aerial photography, available survey, parcel data, LIDAR, utility as-builts, wetland delineations or assessments, zoning, etc.  This information is used as the basis of the planning effort for the proposed use sometimes well in advance of having all the information required to perform design and permitting for a specific project whether commercial or residential in land use.

Once compiled, the location of all proposed land uses or buildings footprints, any proposed lot lines, easements, right of way and roadways, proposed driveways, required parking, open space and amenities, buffers, required stormwater detention and any existing wetlands are depicted on the plan to name a few.  This plan will be prepared in compliance with local land development regulation requirements and existing zoning or in other cases is based on the desired zoning classification to accommodate the proposed use.  The plan is then submitted to the local governing body’s planning department for review and comment.  Once these comments are received and incorporated into the revised site plan, we are now ready to submit for your next rezoning or begin the design and permitting for your project.

For your next site plan or master planning effort, trust the experts at G3 Engineering & Surveying, LLC.