Rezonings & Public Representation

Are you considering a new use for the property that will require a zoning change and not sure it is going to be worth the time and effort? Can’t meet the current land development regulations due to the configuration of a piece of property? If we could just reduce that buffer width a few feet or provide a few less parking spaces, we could pull it off. Any of this sound familiar?

Leave it to the professionals at G3 Engineering & Surveying, LLC.  They are “dialed in” to the ever-changing local political environment and will walk your project through the complex process.  A quick conversation with our knowledgeable staff to discuss the feasibility of the request will put you more at ease.  Our seasoned team of engineers, planners, landscape architects and surveyors are expert public speakers and well versed in consensus building as well as selling your projects story.  They can also “take the heat” in some not so comfortable public meetings from time to time if need be.

From straight rezoning requests to PDDs, design modification approvals, BZA variance requests, ARB approvals and Subdivision Plat approvals G3 Engineering & Surveying, LLC produces the results our clients need.